Sammy’s family photos


In these Pak family photographs we see theĀ child Sammy Pak. We learned in 1998 from Un Jin Moon during the Sixty Minutes interview with her and her sister-in-law, Nan Sook Hong, that Sammy Pak was actually her half brother and had been the product of an adulterous relationship with her father and another woman during his marriage to Hak Ja Han, the True Mother of all humankind. Sammy was never known publicly to be the son of Sun Myung Moon – he was raised by Bo Hi Pak’s wife as Jin Kyung Pak and never appeared in any of the Moon family photographs. Why is it the son of the Lord of the Second Advent needed to be hidden from Unification Church members?

In one photograph Sammy is sitting to the right on Moon’s lap. His facial features are completely different to the Pak children who all resemble their father. In the other photograph Sammy is sitting next to Hak Ja Han.

I saw Sammy Pak for the first time when my MFT team was taken to the Pak business, Gene’s Deli, in Arlington Virginia in 1979 or 1980. We were allowed to have anything, Mrs Pak told us. I noticed Sammy who was about 13 or 14 and wondered why he looked completely different to the other Pak children. It was a question that gnawed away in the back of my mind. The next time I saw Sammy was in Gloucester in 1987. He was there to participate in Ocean Challenge with the other 2nd gen Korean teenagers and young adults. My husband was captain of Moon’s fishing yacht, the New Hope, and I was with him to care for the boat. Sammy was then 21 years of age and I remember the night I saw him so clearly – even now, 26 years later. He was boisterous, joking and loud. He was stocky, short and muscular with dark skin and a face that was round and fleshy, not lean like the Pak siblings. He looked nothing like a Pak child and I would know. Jin Sung Pak spent a week sitting next to me in our MFT van to make a condition for his sister Hoon Sook, who was auditioning for the Ballet Russe in Monte Carlo.

When I learned in 1998 that Sammy was actually the son of Sun Myung Moon it all made sense and that gnawing question I had been carrying for almost 20 years was answered. Rev Moon’s lame attempts to explain this shocking revelation (the concubine providence) was the last straw for many Unificationists, including myself. I did what was sorely needed: I left the Unification Church.

By Karen Alleyne Taylor


By notatruefamily