Discussion group for Members and Ex-members

I don’t like having my posts deleted. Anyone looking for the truth, and looking for real no-holds barred discussions on UC should head over to this group. You have to be open minded though or you are not going to like it.


By notatruefamily

4 comments on “Discussion group for Members and Ex-members

  1. Ah, finally a source with logic that studies the historical and psychological background of a life altering philosophy without the typical inclination of adapting through blind faith! Thank you to whoever this wordpress blogger is for your time to gather information about the “True” family of Rev. Moon.

    • Hi, Rita. I know it often seems like “blind faith,” but sometimes there is more than one side to every story. True, a lot of early members don’t face reality to some extent, but in some cases they “know” things to be true which our adult children don’t understand or agree with, and it really might be “true.” Your thoughts? (Remember me, Mr. Rosenblum, Uncle David?)

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