Hyo Jin Moon

Coke addict, sex addict, wife beater, commander of heavenly forces in the spirit world

Nansook Hong (ex-wife) interview:



Quotes from Nan Sook’s book “In the Shadow of the Moons”


By notatruefamily

2 comments on “Hyo Jin Moon

  1. Whenever I hear of someone who is really really good or really really bad I always say “What Kind Of parents did you have?” That is Always the answer. If I hear that an individual is standing in front of a crowd of people, pointing a loaded gun at the head of another individual, in front of Everybody, I Have to say: “Hyo-jin Moon, what kind of parents do you have?”
    I Do know that the Moon family has BLAMED their kids’ Fuck Ups on the Membas who were assigned to mind them, BUT there is NO Excuse.

  2. The media better shut up, and mind their own business. Stop criticized other family. I bet you cannot handle the rules (law) of divine principle so that why you writing shit. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t have sex before you get bless (married). In marriage don’t get other women. If your partner died don’t get remarried. Don’t think sexually, don’t watch bad stuff on phones, TV or whatever. There are a lot of laws in that church you have to follow. I bet a lot of media’s family write or criticized true family they are shit. May be your children are terrible, and worst. Before to judge others make sure to look at yourself first. Le salut est individual. All the people whose talking shit about that family better zip their dawn mouths. Because they did that I have to do this. No that really wrong do the things that are right. You don’t know how much their father (parents) suffer I bet if that was one of you. You will give up the second day or the same dawn day of GOD’s mission. Condition of prayers that he and his wife did . I bet you guys don’t even go to church or pretend that GOD does not exist. Because if you guys go to church you will know that in the Bible it is writes don’t judge people. Look at yourself, but not other. By doing it you will know what it is wrong inside of you, and change. I’m done writing.

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