Sammy Moon (Pak)

He exists! 2nd gen ask your parents, better yet ask Hyung Jin “Who is Sammy Moon?”

Let’s just say In Jin was not the first in her family to have a “providential affair”!

(ctrl+f: Sammy to find his name quickly)

Tragedy of the Six Marys book by Chung Hwa Kwak detailing sex rituals of the early UC: (around 2:15)

Speech given by Rev. Jin Hun Yong (Director of UC Education Department and History Compilation Committee in Korea) in leader’s meeting.  (1:55-3:15)

Q: “Did Father have any sexual relations with any woman other than True Mother, Hee Jin’s Mother, or Sun Jin’s Mother?”

A: “When the first mother, Sun Jin’s Mother failed, and the second mother Hee Jin’s mother failed, when mother Hak Ja Han was set up; at the time when Mother was going to the level of wife, which she was able to attain on January 1st 1975. On that day mother was able to get to the level of wife, so until then, because the 1st and 2nd wives had both failed, Father was heartistically had a lot of difficulties and pains in terms of establishing a family foundation. So it’s not important whether Father had some kind of relations with a woman or not, but if God gave an order, then Father had to do whatever was needed in order to have a family foundation, so please just understand Father’s heart.”

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