Sam Pak Speaks!

Sam Pak (Sun Myung Moon’s illegitimate son) speaks about his family’s history and his father having sex with and raping multiple women including his mother.

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Hyung Jin Moon admits his father had sex with 6 Marys

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26:00 “I really feel that this issue about the 6 Marys is at the core. It’s interesting because we were already preparing a lecture on the 6 Marys. When was this in 2010 I believe or ‘11? We had already given lectures on the six Marys and we have tried to get the information on the 6 Marys. And it’s disappeared. Oh whoops I don’t have on our computer anymore. Whoops we don’t have it on the computer. So we had to get it from somebody who was in those lectures who took notes on the 6 Marys lecture. Because guess what folks? Even though it is more comfortable to hide it under the rug and be fraudulent about the whole situation and try to just convince people of their own current times, it’s easier to do that. It’s easier to do that what the church, what mother is doing. Hide it! Don’t talk about it! Don’t bring it up! It’s gonna cause problems. So easy to do that. That’s the temptation. But guess what? Just like the Mormons 200 years later. 200 years later are dealing with the issue around their founder. They’re still dealing with. You understand folks. It never goes away. It will never go away!”

35:00 “For him to come and take all the women of this world and be their spouse and to have children from every single one of those people. And kill off Satan’s blood lineage. I don’t care if that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t care if that makes you feel unnerved. That’s the quickest way to do it.”

43:10 “He says in public, he says, this only contains 80% of my autobiography. Right? Some of the Japanese sisters maybe have heard that. And then he goes on to call up the 4 great saints’ wives. You know Mrs. Jesus and Mrs. Buddha and Mrs. Who is it? Muhammad no and Mrs. Confucius so he says this only has 80% of my life story and then he calls up those ladies. See what you don’t realize about who those ladies are. They’re part of the 6 Marys.”

48:30 “You see if you don’t understand the bride of Christ, the brides of Christ and you don’t understand the 3 day ceremony, you have no way to explain why father had to walk that course of having those relationships. What is your explanation? What is it? The only way you can explain this is to say that well I guess father was weak in the flesh. But then if you say that you’re saying that God is weak in the flesh.”

49:40 “What is it? How do you explain the 6 Marys? How do you explain those relationships beyond the 6 Marys? How do you do it? And still believe in Father? You can’t. You cannot.”

1:04:35 “I remember one time in Washington DC they were having an argument. And mother brought this issue out and she condemned father for it. If you, If I didn’t save you from that you would have had children from many, many different bellies is what she said to him.”

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Who is Annie Choe? The mother of Sammy

“As it turns out, Moon didn’t always live up to his virtuous teachings, either. In April, I spoke by videophone with Annie Choi, a soft-spoken, 77-year-old Korean woman with ruddy cheeks and thick silver hair. Choi, who joined Moon’s church along with her mother and sister in the 1950s, alleges that she engaged in numerous sexual rituals—some involving as many as six women—beginning when she was 17 years old. Her story, which is consistent with the accounts of several early followers, supports the claim that Moon’s church started out as a sex cult, with Moon “purifying” female devotees through erotic rites.

By 1960, when he married Hak Ja Han, Moon was touting marital fidelity as his religion’s foundational ideal. But Choi maintains she stayed on as Moon’s mistress until 1964, when she moved to the United States. The following year, Moon made his inaugural visit to America. By the time he left, Choi says, she was carrying his child.

News like this could have sunk the fledgling American project. But Bo Hi Pak made sure that didn’t happen. According to Choi, who has never before spoken publicly about the experience, Pak’s wife stuffed her mid-section with cloth diapers and pretended that she was pregnant. When it came time to give birth, Choi says that Pak accompanied her to the hospital and passed her off as his wife. The following day, he dropped her off at her empty apartment and took the baby back to his home. Later, Mrs. Pak brought Choi some seaweed soup, but Choi told me that she couldn’t eat it. “I just sat there crying, with my tears falling in the pot.

Bo Hi Pak later approached Sam and his mother with a contract. As a sign of their “mutual love, affection and respect,” it read, Sam, Choi, and Pak would release one another—and the Moon family—from “any and all past, present or future actions,” including those arising from inheritance claims. In return, Sam and Choi would each receive $100.

Alleging that they were victims of “theology-based” racketeering, Sam and Choi are now suing the Paks and Moons for $20 million. Neither the Unification Church nor the lawyers for the Moon and Pak families responded to requests for comment.”

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Sammy Moon (Pak)

He exists! 2nd gen ask your parents, better yet ask Hyung Jin “Who is Sammy Moon?”

Let’s just say In Jin was not the first in her family to have a “providential affair”!

(ctrl+f: Sammy to find his name quickly)

Tragedy of the Six Marys book by Chung Hwa Kwak detailing sex rituals of the early UC: (around 2:15)

Speech given by Rev. Jin Hun Yong (Director of UC Education Department and History Compilation Committee in Korea) in leader’s meeting.  (1:55-3:15)

Q: “Did Father have any sexual relations with any woman other than True Mother, Hee Jin’s Mother, or Sun Jin’s Mother?”

A: “When the first mother, Sun Jin’s Mother failed, and the second mother Hee Jin’s mother failed, when mother Hak Ja Han was set up; at the time when Mother was going to the level of wife, which she was able to attain on January 1st 1975. On that day mother was able to get to the level of wife, so until then, because the 1st and 2nd wives had both failed, Father was heartistically had a lot of difficulties and pains in terms of establishing a family foundation. So it’s not important whether Father had some kind of relations with a woman or not, but if God gave an order, then Father had to do whatever was needed in order to have a family foundation, so please just understand Father’s heart.”

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