In Jin Moon

The Adultress
Painful treatment of Ben’s ex-wife Patricia Lorentzen:


The firing of Tossa Cromwell after threats to expose her In Jin’s affair:


Why do all the leaders know everything real time and the lowly members only find out years later?



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By notatruefamily

One comment on “In Jin Moon

  1. In Jin San,
    Gdog said that YOU should be Running the UC. WHY??
    1. “This is the Female century” – Hak Ja Han Moon
    2. The Number of LABELS/JUDGEMENTS is the NUMBER of THREATS you will be to SATAN.
    ONLY 1 LABEL I do NOT TRUST. “Good”/”Faithful”/”Politically Correct”, those who have that Label will be SILENT in order to Remain where they are due to FEAR.
    3. The BS that the TF is going through now, And the Public Presentation of it, is Satan’s FINAL attempt to DESTROY the Providence. There Needs to be a Proven, Qualified Leader, preferably a Female.
    I have been told to:
    1. REPENT
    Thank you.
    Mimi Marianne Metcalfe Ebsworth
    61 0420 202 372
    SKYPE: marianne ebsworth

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